Creative graphic design concepts using consistent visual identity across multi-media platforms.

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Logo Designs & Creative Concepts

Why hire a designer?

  • First and foremost a logo is more that just type stating your company name. It's the correct type and style that complements your products and services.
  • That image will impact new clients and old clients in every aspect of your visual identity.

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Digital and Printed Media

Why a designer that knows the digital & printing industry?

  • A great design, is not so great. if it's not press ready or internet accessible .
  • I can envision the final product which makes the process easier and "gives my clients peace of mind"
  • There are multiple ways to printed: •standard printing •digital printing

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Digital Photos, Websites, Video

Hire a designer that has worked in digital design?

  • It's the visual impact and presentation that will keep their attention.

  • Photographs tell the story, with the fewest words.
  • Having photographic archives at one persons fingertips gives you great advantages to create: •slide shows •videos •websites •etc.