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First Impressions. Your website intro needs to be quick and engaging for your client to take the next step to look farther into your website.  Crohan Graphics can create a quick attention grabbing intro, showing your main objective with-in a minute of time or less. These video clips, movement of artwork, logos, photos and text where created by Crohan Graphics.

Crohan Graphics Website

This "one" site was designed using a Responsive Web Design (RWD). This site can be used on multiple devices such as, Iphone, Ipad, tablets, Androids, laptops, computers. There is no need for a separate mobile site. The creative work was done by me, but the frame work is maintained by a large hosting company that makes sure the framework and coding is always working. In today's world the internet is changing so fast that any freelance designer needs to depend on a well managed hosting company.