Q: Does it matter if my job just needs a few creative ideas?

A: I will work with you on any size job large or small. Sometimes just me giving you some advise as to what I see in your project, can make a big difference on the final out come of the project. We can work together at a set fee or I can work on an hourly rate.

Q: If I have a project that may need photographs, can I supply my own?

A: Of course you can. I will work with what you have and I can add more if needed to tell the story of the products or services you are offering.

Q: If I hire you how will you go about the project.

A: I will first meet or discuss on the phone with you what type of project you are looking for. Then I will get as much information about your business/company as I can. The more I know, the more insight I can have on to what approach would work best for you. Once we agree on what needs to be done, I will workout a cost guideline as to what the project entails and the time involved.

Q: Can I pay you on the completion of the job?

A: No. In today work environment this is not a good practice, but years ago that was the norm. In todays standards I will ask for a half the cost up front before I begin a project, sometimes I get thirds, and of course at the end the final amount is due. This will be discussed before any work recompenses.

Q: Is there a time limit set for the job?

A: Yes this also will be discussed before hand. We will set up time guidelines for both you and me. There are times that my customers can't give me there full attention when questions need to be answered. If there is a delay that is no problem. The only thing I do ask is that I'm paid for work done to date. When you have more time available we can continue back to working on the project. This will take the pressure off of both of us when unforeseen events happen.