Creative graphic design concepts using consistent visual identity across multi-media platforms.

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Logo Designs & Creative Concepts

Why hire a designer?

  • First and foremost a logo is more that just type stating your company name. It's the correct type and style that complements your products and services.
  • That image will impact new clients and old clients in every aspect of your visual identity.

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Digital and Printed Media

Why a designer that knows the digital & printing industry?

  • A great design, is not so great. if it's not press ready or internet accessible .
  • I can envision the final product which makes the process easier and "gives my clients peace of mind"
  • There are multiple ways to printed: •standard printing •digital printing

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Digital Photos, Websites, Video

Hire a designer that has worked in digital design?

  • It's the visual impact and presentation that will keep their attention.

  • Photographs tell the story, with the fewest words.
  • Having photographic archives at one persons fingertips gives you great advantages to create: •slide shows •videos •websites •etc.


Fresh Creative Personal Artwork

Trending Art

Along with my commercial work, I've been developing a line of trendy products for your home and personal life style. Items freshly designed as small and large formatted wall art, stationary,  and unique invitations, adding that special touch. This work has only enhanced the creativity that I can offer and incorporate back in to the commercial design.

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